Internationalist Perspective No. 61

Editorial – Imagine

Anxiety is rising and no wonder. The lack of economic prospects, the social dislocations resulting from capital’s penetration of the whole world and its expulsion of ever greater numbers of people from actual production and jobs, the wars over possession it engenders, with their merciless slaughter of civilians, whether through air bombardments or suicide attacks, … Continue reading “Editorial – Imagine”

Down With These Flags

llons enfants de la patrie, le jour de gloire est arrivé… (“Let’s go, children of the fatherland, the day of glory has arrived…”) The opening of the ‘Marseillaise, the French national anthem The following text is a statement IP put out after the terrorist attacks in Paris last november. It was widely shared on social … Continue reading “Down With These Flags”

The World As We See It: Reference Points

Introduction From its start, Internationalist Perspective (IP) has believed in the importance of revolutionary theory, because, in our view, the communist revolution can only be a conscious act of social transformation, not something the working class stumbles into unconsciously, driven automatically by crisis and calamity. But we also believed that revolutionary theory is not a … Continue reading “The World As We See It: Reference Points”

The Global Pressure Cooker

  In Pontecorvo’s film Queimada, set in the 1830s, the agent provocateur, Sir William Walker, points out that a decade can show the contradictions of a century. Fast forward almost 200 years. It only took a few days into 2016, the strains of Auld Lang Syne having barely faded away, to highlight the contradictions of … Continue reading “The Global Pressure Cooker”

Rojava in the Vortex of Inter-Imperialist Antagonisms

Over the past several years Rojava or Western Kurdistan, legally a part of Syria, has been seen by many anarchists, libertarians, and even Marxists as the locus of a social revolution, one that demands solidarity on the part of revolutionaries, all the more so as it has been the object of brutal military assaults, first … Continue reading “Rojava in the Vortex of Inter-Imperialist Antagonisms”

The Economy in the Transition to a Communist Society

A Critique of the theses of the GIK and “labor coupons” (Excerpts from an exchange with Kees) Kees, you write: “The problem that I see is the following: as we are not in a situation of ‘abundance’ but in a situation of ‘scarcity’ there will inevitably be ‘exchange’ (or else total arbitrariness) based on some … Continue reading “The Economy in the Transition to a Communist Society”