Among the clearest signs of capitalism’s obsoleteness, at least from the standpoint of humanity, is the  growing dislocation of people caused by its crisis, by the poverty, the wars and the hopelessness it creates.  The story is horrific from beginning to end.  Horrific circumstances at home prompt ever more people to flee. Horrific travel circumstances … Continue reading “A DEBATE ON MIGRATION”

The New Nazism and its Opponents

    Charlottesville was not the first time in recent memory the Nazis, the Klan and other “white nationalist” organizations have marched in the streets brazenly proclaiming their vile creed of white supremacy, anti-Semitism and race hatred. Yet, the events in Charlottesville seemed to mark a qualitative difference: A torch light rally accompanied by openly … Continue reading “The New Nazism and its Opponents”

Capitalism and ‘natural’ disaster

The 1st of the month and rent is due! Mortgage is due!! Oh, you say you can’t pay?? What?? Can’t pay?? Haven’t been to work? Flooding? You say, Apartment is wet/stinky/moldy! No electricity!! Natural disaster, you say! Sorry!! Money is due! Today is the FIRST!   CH


There isn’t a danger that any time soon a war could start between the US and North-Korea (except accidently, a possibility which can’t be entirely excluded).  But the very fact that leaders of these countries openly threaten to use nuclear weapons, to engage in total warfare and cause the destruction of an entire people is … Continue reading ““BE VERY VERY NERVOUS””


There was an interesting discussion on the discussion-list Meltdown recently, between Mac Intosh of IP and a Meltdown regular, GS. It started on democracy and continued on revolutionary defeatism and ended with Mac Intosh sighing that it boggled his imagination that GS could claim that in such a war, one must choose one imperialist camp … Continue reading “OXES, DONKEYS AND DRAGONS”


Recent comments on the Intsdiscnet-list on “Fascists March on Berkeley” (4/27/17) raise that issue with which those committed to the struggle against capitalism have grappled since the 1930’s: anti-fascism. Historically Antifa or anti-fascism within the worker’s movement became the clarion call of Stalinism, and then the veritable basis of the Grand Alliance between Stalin, Roosevelt … Continue reading “ANTIFA? NO, THANKS”


Capitalist states, whether they are defending local or regional economic and politico-military interests or seeking global hegemony, must constantly evaluate and re-evaluate their strategic interests, their alliances, and the threats that they confront. For American imperialism, in the waning days of World War Two, before the atomic bombs led to Japan’s surrender, it seemed apparent … Continue reading “INTER-IMPERIALIST ANTAGONISMS IN THE AGE OF TRUMP”